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MBA (Fast Track Route)

for holders of AQF Level 8
Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

Upgrade your qualification to an accredited US Masters degree now!

About the Programme

Ottawa MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 工商管理 碩士

MBA is globally recognised as the leading management qualification for senior executives. Completing an MBA is a transformative experience, where students will learn how to engage with the leading edge of management research and apply it in their own practice.

Career prospects: An MBA equips students for senior management/ executive roles in any sector. The main focus of the course is the strategic application of knowledge. On completion of the course, students will have a strong understanding of the main components of contemporary organisations and how to integrate these components into a cohesive corporate strategy to gain competitive advantage.

MBA at Ottawa University

Ottawa MBA has been developed to serve the needs of adult learners and organizations with a high quality professional preparation in business within which the importance of personal values and professional ethics are incorporated.

The MBA emphasizes a global perspective on business, communication skills and direct application to students’ current and future career goals.

The program is intended for individuals who want to increase their knowledge of essential business functions and develop leadership skills and expertise in strategic management.

MBA (Full Program)

Ottawa MBA – Full Program

Program Structure
(8 core subjects + 4 selected concentration subjects)

The MBA program is designed to help students acquire subject matter mastery and apply knowledge within the field of business administration.  Students may seek professional training through concentrate in one of the selected area.

Core Courses (8 courses)
– Organizational Behavior and Theory | BUS 7000
– Value Systems and Professional Ethics | BUS 7200
– Strategic Marketing | BUS 7450
– Managerial Economics | BUS 7500
– Managerial Finance | BUS 7600
– Management Information Systems | BUS 7700
– Management Accounting | BUS 7800
– Graduate Seminar: Business Policies and Strategy | BUS 8500

MBA Concentrations (4 courses)

– Accounting
– Accounting Theory
– Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting
– Advanced Auditing and Forensic Accounting
– Accounting Information Systems

– Business Data Analytics
– Data Analytics
– People Analytics
– Market Analytics
– Operations Analytics

– Finance
– Money and Capital Markets
– Working Capital Management
– International Finance
– Financial Modeling Methodologies

– Human Resources
– Human Resource Planning and Administration
– Wage, Salary, and Benefits Administration
– Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
– Employment Law

– Health Care Management / Population Health
– Legal, Ethical, and Political Aspects of Health Care Management
– Regulatory Systems and Qualitative Assessment in Health Care Environments
– Population Health Management
– Program Development for Improved Outcomes

– Leadership Development
– Developing Leaders and Leadership Capabilities
– Developing Leaders to Create Value
– Servant Leadership
– Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

– Strategic Innovation
– The Creative Organization
– Corporate Strategy
– Social, Cultural, Legal, and Political Influences in Business
– Managing in a Global Environment

Sample 12-Month Study Pattern (12 courses)

Term 1 2 3 4 5 6
Date Jan-Mar Mar-May May-Jun Jul-Aug Aug-Oct Oct-Dec
Course 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6 7 & 8 9 & 10 11 & 12

Applicants should process:

1. Proficiency in English, e.g., a TOEFL score of 500, or equivalent

2. A Bachelor degree in any discipline from accredited university

* Students with foreign credentials who are applying to Ottawa University must have their credentials evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). A minimum of 48 credit hours must be transcribed at the upper division level.

MBA (Fast Track Route)

About the Program

Ottawa MBA (fast track route)

Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

(at AQF Level 8)

or equivalent AQF qualification

+ 7 Subjects = MBA

Master of Business Administration

with concentration in

Leadership Development

Ottawa MBA – Leadership Development (fast track route) is aimed at holders of Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership (at AQF Level 8) or relevant, who are seeking to top up their qualification to an accredited US Master degree.

Busy Working Adults can Earn Your Degree in a Timely Manner

– After exemption, you only have to complete the remaining 7 subjects to achieve for the MBA
– 8-week terms enable you to complete the remaining 7 subjects in 8 to 14 months
– Best Online Education: enable you study anytime, anywhere to fit your plans
– No outside study groups is required


By coursework. No examination.


5 out of the 12 full MBA subjects


After exemption, it only takes about 8 to 14 months to complete the program, depending on your own study pace.


6 intakes per year in January, March, May, June, August and October

Language Medium:


Delivery Mode:


Program Structure

Program Structure

MBA – Leadership Development (fast track route)

7 subjects to be completed in 8 to 14 months

Eligibility: This programme is available to candidate with at least two (2) years work experience and a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership  (at AQF Level 8) or equivalent, and are seeking to top up the qualification to an MBA.

Programme structure: Students eligible for this MBA fast track route will only be required to complete the following 7 subjects in order to gain the full MBA qualification.

  • Organizational Behavior and Theory | BUS 7000
  • Value Systems and Professional Ethics | BUS 7200
  • Strategic Marketing | BUS 7450
  • Managerial Economics | BUS 7500
  • Management Information Systems | BUS 7700
  • Management Accounting | BUS 7800
  • Graduate Seminar: Business Policies and Strategy | BUS 8500
Study Pattern

Sample 8-Month Study Pattern (MBA fast track route – 7 subjects)

Term 1 2 3 4
Date Jan-Mar Mar-Apr May-Jun Jun-Aug Aug-Oct Oct-Dec Jan-Mar
Course 1 2 & 3 4 & 5 6 & 7

Sample 14-Month Study Pattern (MBA fast track route – 7 subjects)

Term 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Date Jan-Mar Mar-Apr May-Jun Jun-Aug Aug-Oct Oct-Dec Jan-Mar
Course 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Learning & Support
Learning and Support
  • Flexibility: Access to learning materials and study at your own pace anytime and anywhere. No travelling.  Everything is done online.
  • Online virtual learning: Tutors will be in contact with students throughout the course via online virtual learning platform.
  • Responding to your questions and feedback on your coursework: The virtual learning environment will also be used to make response to your questions, mark assignments and provide feedback on coursework.
  • Interact with classmates through “online discussion forums”.
  • Additional Resources: You will have access to a number of resources to complement your studies via virtual learning platform, such as online libraries, which will enable you to access on-line journals and databases.


100% by coursework.  No examination.

All of your work is uploaded via the online learning platform where your tutor has direct access to assess it.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:

MBA – Leadership Development (fast track route)

Academic requirement :

  • Candidates who hold the following AQF Level 8 awards with prescribed units, will be exempted from five (5) specified Ottawa MBA subjects.
    • AQF Awards:
      • BSB80320 – Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership; or
      • BSB80120 – Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
    • must include the following 5 units:
      • BSBLDR812 – Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships
      • BSBFIN801 – Lead financial strategy development
      • BSBINS603 – Initiate and lead applied research
      • BSBLDR811 – Lead strategic transformation
      • BSBSTR801 – Lead innovative thinking and practice

Work experience requirement:

  • at least 2 years full time work experience

Proficiency in English:

  • TOEFL score of 500, or equivalent

Point to note:

Candidates who do not meet the above requirements will also be considered, on an individual basis

Application Status:


Programme information is correct at time of publish. The University reserves the right to make variations to the programme schedules, contents, information and fees without notice.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to
recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.

The University & the Award

The University

About the University


Founded in 1865, Ottawa University (OU) is one of the oldest Universities in the State of Kansas. OU is an accredited not-for-profit educational institution, affiliated with the American Baptist Churches that supported the establishment of Hong Kong Baptist University with both operating and construction funds and personnel to the school in its early years.

Throughout its 150 years, the University has endeavored to educate its students for lifetimes of enlightened faith, exemplary service, inspired leadership and personal growth and significance.
Ottawa’s educational mission brings together the beautiful residential campus in Ottawa, Kansas; Surprise, Arizona; Wisconsin and Online.
Accreditation Status

Accreditation Status

Ottawa University was Chartered in 1865 and celebrates the 156 years on 17 April 2021.

Ottawa University is fully accredited since 1914, by US Department of Education recognized accrediting body – Higher Learning Commission.

The Angell Snyder School of Business, Ottawa University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools (ACBSP).

Ottawa University was selected as College of Distinction for its continued commitment to four distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes.


Accreditation, Recognition, Ranking

Top MBA Program
Listed by the Good MBA Guide
as one of the Top MBA Programs in Kansas

Rankings from National & Regional Publications

U.S. News & World Report

2022 Best Colleges Report – ranked as a 2022 Best College for Midwest Regional Colleges

Rated 4 Star
College Application Exchange (Cappex)

Best Online Education
Ranked amount the Top 15 “Best Online Universities” with Golden Gate University and Colorado State University-Global Campus, by the Online Education Database
Best Online Colleges and Universities
Listed amount the top 25 best online schools by SuperScholar 2013
– Ranked No.10: Education Administration and Leadership Degrees
– Ranked No.14: Psychology Degrees
– Ranked No.14: Counseling and Human Services Degrees
– Ranked No.20: Communication and Public Relations Degrees
– Ranked No.20: Healthcare Administration Degrees

College of Distinction

Colleges of Distinction 2021-22

Colleges of Distinction hand-picks a selection of top schools each year that are well equipped to provide a personalized education catered to students’ interests. Through a rigorous vetting and interview process each academic year, they refresh and reaffirm that these institutions strive for excellence in line with the four overarching distinctions—Student Engagement, Teaching, Community, and Outcomes.

Ottawa University is proud of its 2021-22 “Colleges of Distinction” designation in both Kansas and Arizona.

The Award

About the Award

Awarding Body: Ottawa University, US

  • Graduates will be issued with the same Ottawa University degree award certificate.
  • There is no mention of online study mode on the Ottawa University degree certificate.

Graduation ceremony:

You can attend the graduation ceremony at the Ottawa University campus after fulfilled award requirements.

(Subject to the epidemic development and the need for infection control.)


FAQ about studying fast-track Masters online

Who award the Master degree?

  • The Ottawa University, an accredited and recognized University in the US

Will my degree say online?

  • There is no mention of online study mode on the degree certificate.
  • Graduates will be issued with the same Ottawa University degree award certificate.

What is the difference between this and the on-campus course?

  • This programme is delivered online via an online learning platform – blackboard. 
  • The fast track route is available to experienced Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership (AQF Level 8) holders.

How many exemptions will I be given?

  • Eligible candidates will be exempted 5 out of the 12 subjects of full MBA degree.

Am I likely to pass the courses?

  • Candidates who enrol on the fast track route are holders of recognized graduate diploma in relevant area, who are well equipped for further study.  The failure rate is relatively low.
  • If an assessment does not meet the passing standard, the student will be offered a chance to re-sit the assessment with feedback for improvement.

Can I complete the MBA with online study only?

  • Yes, the MBA is 100% online.

Do I have to sit for any face-to-face examinations?

  • No, all assessment are coursework based.  No examination is required.

How quickly could I complete the program?

  • Students can take about 8 to 14 months to complete this program.
Benefits of MBA (Fast Track Route)

What are the Benefits of the MBA (Fast Track Route)?

It offers a new way to achieve an accredited Master of Business Administration

How much you can make with an MBA?

Those who’ve recently earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) earn an average of US$110,000 annually in 2017, which is 83% more than the average salary for recent bachelor’s degree graduates. The opportunity to earn more makes an MBA degree quite attractive.

How much time you’ll have to devote to achieve for a MBA?

In the past, earning a master’s of business administration was a 2-year commitment at minimum, which typically required you to spend multiple days or nights a week on campus, away from home. And if you wanted to attend one of the top MBA programs at the best business schools, you had to pick up your life and move to be close to your programme.

Now, there’s a new and more convenient way to earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA): the MBA (Fast Track Route).

What makes the MBA (Fast Track Route) unique and so beneficial to you?

Save You Time

You can achieve for the MBA in 8 to 14 months, depending on your own study pace.

Save You Money

Eligible students are exempted from 5 out of the 12 subjects of a full Master degree.  It means spending less on achieving your master degree.

Save You from Hassle

One of the other great benefits of this MBA fast track route is that you can achieve for it through online learning with the Ottawa University, an accredited American university.

Studying for the Master degree online doesn’t require you setting foot on a campus at all. You can complete your coursework right from home or from anywhere else you have internet access.

Whether you’re already a business manager or are simply considering going into management, the MBA fast track route, can make advancing your career more feasible. It combines a faster schedule, the opportunity for lower costs, and all the advantages of online education. In short, it can be just the stepping stone you need.

Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

Source of reference:

Ottawa Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record
Ottawa University offers Bachelor Degree in Business Administration degree completion program since 1986. Up to now, the University has successfully offered over 30 Intakes to Hong Kong with 2,000 graduates.

Facebook of OU Hong Kong Alumni Chapter


Statement of Graduates and Students

Ottawa University provides me the kind of education beyond just a diploma and good GPAs. My experience at OU expanded my vision of who and what I could be professionallyand personally. The liberal arts education I received at OU helped me become an effective manager and problem solver at Hallmark Cards, Inc. It truly was a life changing experience for me and my family.
Joel Ma, BABA OU, Global Procurement Manager, Hallmark

Ottawa University opened many doors for me. After I have achieved my Bachelor degree, I completed a MA in Accounting of the Hong Kong City University. Now, I am a qualified Accountant of HKICPA. I’d recommend Ottawa University to anyone who wishes to study for a recognized US Bachelor Degree.
OU, MA International Accounting CityU HK, HKICPA

OU BA in Business Administration degree provided me with solid foundation in business, finance, marketing and strategies. Together with knowledge that I learnt from my Master of International Business at Macquarie University, they contribute to my success in doing international business today.
Lee, BABA OU, Master of International Business Macquarie University

I am currently in my second class with Ottawa University. I am very impressed with the staff and the support they provide. I have had professors who are always available for questions and willing to help. It is much easier to learn the format of college life than I thought it would be. To my surprise I have quickly adapted to the learning experience. I would recommend this school to others who are thinking of going back to school.
Mellissa, Student of Ottawa University Online

Ottawa University is a great way to complete a degree quickly. Having all courses be 4 credits and 8 weeks long is great!
Steven, Student of Ottawa University Online

Sample a Class

Online Course Demo – Sample a Class

Ottawa University’s online courses are taught via the Blackboard learning management system, which provides an easy to use virtual classroom space, low student to faculty ratios and dynamic discussion and connections with your professor and classmates. Plus, your professor is always accessible when you have a question. Courses typically feature a variety of assignments and discussions. Each course lasts 8 weeks and is entirely online – no outside study groups required.

Login here: Blackboard
username = ouguest
password = welcome
Ottawa News Update

OU News Update

The goal of this cooperation is to eventually allow courses to be simultaneously taught “live” to in-class students AND remote students via video conferencing. All course sessions will be recorded to give students 24/7 access to class lectures and they’ll be able to collaborate with faculty and staff through virtual office hours, video conferencing, and instant messaging capabilities.

OU on Fox News

Former Sundan ‘Lost Bosy’ Earns Ottawa University MBA 2012-5-18

Fox 4’s Rob Low reported an inspiring story of survival and perseverance.
It has been an incredible journey for 30-year-old Jakoma Machok, who has survived an apartment fire and genocide as a child in his native Sudan to earn his MBA from Ottawa University.
Cyrus Oliver, OU communications major, documented his graduation day to give you a first hand look at what graduating is like.
Watch Elizabeth, a graduate from OU Online program, walk across the stage to get her undergraduate degree.
OU went to John Ferguson’s work and interviewed him about MBA life. John is a software engineer for Garmin. In the video, he talks about his hardest class, when he studies and his favorite business guru .

Notable Alumni

Kevin Eichner, President, Ottawa University

BA, Ottawa University, 1973; MBA, Harvard Business School, 1977; LLD, Ottawa University, 2008.

Tony Chu, Visiting Lecturer, School of Hotel & Tourism Management, HKPolyU

BA, Ottawa University, 1996.

Joel Ma, Global Procurement Manager, Hallmark Cards (HK) Ltd

BA, Ottawa University, 1988; MBA, University of Kansas, 1990.

Leonard Erickson, Notable DNA researcher

BA, Ottawa University, 1968; Master (1972) and Doctorate Degree (1974), Florida State University.

Wayne Angell

Former Federal Reserve Governor, Kansas State Prepersentative and Bear Stearns Chief Economist.
BA, Ottawa University, 1952; Master (1953) and PhD (1957) University of Kansas.
渥太華大學 與 中國 的源遠歷史

美國 渥太華大學 中國 的源遠歷史

1901年,美國渥太華大學 Ottawa University 畢業生 Francis Johnstone White (魏馥蘭) 被北美浸信會派遣到中國,參與籌建滬江大學(上海理工大學前身),並於1911至1928年擔任滬江大學校長。

任內,魏馥蘭校長 把滬江大學建成具有較高水準的教會大學,實現男女同校,並主張應由中國人當校長。滬江大學逐步壯大起來,成為一所國內外知名的教會大學。而魏馥蘭校長功成身退後,成為滬江大學最後一任美籍校長。


徐志摩 魏校長

徐志摩 就讀滬江大學時,魏馥蘭校長曾回國休假。徐志摩創作《送魏校長歸國序》送行,並發表於1916年11月天籟第4卷第3期。這篇《魏校長歸國序》是迄今發現的徐志摩大學時期最早發表的作品之一。

徐志摩 同期亦於《滬江春秋》發表了「送別」:「 魏博士且歸國,作送別會。學生曼歌,不勝戀戀。先生訓之辭,其言諄諄宛摯。學生感喻奮作,復歌洋洋盈耳也。越十五日,先生首塗,舉校送之,為之輓車,徐歌而行。詩曰,泰山岩岩,魯邦所瞻,斯之謂矣。」


Wikimedia Foundation. (2019, March 1). 魏馥蘭. Wikipedia. Retrieved on July 18, 2022, from https:// 魏馥蘭

American Baptist Board of International Ministries. (n.d.). American Baptist Historical Society. White, Francis Johnstone (1870-1959), 1902–1959 | American Baptist Historical Society. Retrieved on July 18, 2022, from

徐志摩在滬江大學 (2014)


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