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Mini Master 專業資格 培訓課程 系列
Professional Qualifying Training Programs

·Business Doctor 企業醫生
·Mediation & Negotiation Master 調解及談判
·Mini-MBA 工商管理
·Risk Management Master 風險管理
·Project Management Master 項目管理
·Occupational Health & Safety Master 職安健
·Human Resources Management Master 人事

調解課程 -  榮獲 法律事務界 兩大 專業認可
英國特許仲裁師公會 CIArb 認可
- 英國法務人員學院     IOP   認可
Mediation & Negotiation Master 調解及談判

Charles Sturt University 澳洲查爾斯特大學
·Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  (Business, Civil Engineering)
·Master of Commerce
·Master of Human Resource Management

CPA Australia Recognized Courses
·Bachelor of Accounting
·Master of Professional Accounting
Bangor University 英國班哥大學
Chartered Banker Institute
英國特許銀行金融師公會 - 資格課程

·MBA (Chartered Banker)
  ·for accountants
  ·for qualified bankers
  ·for MBA holders
  ·for Master Degree holders
  ·for Bachelor Degree holders

Ottawa University 渥太華大學
·MA in Human Resources
Bachelor (Top Up Degree Programs)
學位銜接課程 (最高可獲豁免94/124學分)

·Business Administration
Health Care Management

University of Chester 英國彻斯特大學
碩士學位銜接課程 (最高可獲豁免 2/3 )

Bachelor Degrees (Top up, Final 1 Year)
·More top up programmes

AQF RPL 資歷架構 過往資歷認可
Advanced Diploma by RPL
Bachelor Degree Fast Tracks
高級文憑 (可銜接榮譽學位課程,豁免學分)

·Marketing & Communicaion 市場營銷及傳播 
·Engineering 工程 
·Engineering - Electrical 電機工程
Engineering - Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
·Civil Construction 土木工程
·Program Management 項目群組管理
·Occupational Health & Safety 職安健
·Material Logistics 物料物流
·Deployment Logisics 物流管理部署
·Aviation Management (Diploma) 航空管理
·Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising
·Computer Systems Technology 電腦系統工程
·Nursing 護理學 

Graduate Qualifications by RPL
Master Degree Fast Tracks
碩士文憑 / 專科碩士證書

·Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

·Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

·Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management
·Graduate Cert in Leadership Diversity
·Graduate Cert in IT & Strategic Management


DBA (Doctor of Business Administration 工商管理博士)


About the UniversityAccreditationRecognition
Program & Structure
BenefitsEntry Requirements

About the University

Founded in 1989, Charles Sturt University (澳洲 查爾斯特大學, CSU) is the 8th largest Australian public university, offering over 300 programs with range from PhD, DBA, Master and Bachelor degrees.

CSU offers programs through 5 main campuses in the New South Wales region (Alburby-Wodonga, Bathurst, Orange, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga); study centers located on Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Online, to provide convenient access to students.

CSU is one of the most experienced providers of online education in Australia.  Every year, more than 25,000 students around the world study through CSU world-class online education program.

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Accreditation Status
Charles Sturt University is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), an Australia's independent national regulator of the higher education sector.

中國教育部 - 認證資料
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China - Accreditation Information
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- CSU is a Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities 
- CSU is a 3 Star AEN rated University

About the Program

Take your business expertise to the highest level. 

CSU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA 工商管理博士學位) is a research-based professional doctorate designed to enhance your professional practice and further your knowledge of business, management and administration.

Providing a strongly industry focused and practically relevant education, this degree will suit you if you have a business or management background and wish to develop advanced research, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Program structure:

DBA coursework

Each student must successfully complete four doctoral level subjects (total  64 points)
- DBA711 Research Issues in Business
- DBA712 Research Methodology for Business
- DBA713 Developing a Literature Review
- DBA714 Business Specialisation Research

DBA Thesis
The student, under the direction of the appointed supervisors, will identify, analyse and propose solutions to current problems confronting professional practice in business through the application of knowledge, thereby improving professional practice or understanding.

The original contribution to knowledge in a DBA theses must encompass at least one of the following:
- demonstrating specialised research skills that enhance problem identification and problem solving in management or public policy;
- extending knowledge or change processes in business or professional practice;
- developing innovative approaches to the application of knowledge to the candidate's business or profession;
- identifying relationships between research and broader knowledge within the business field.

Students will enrol in one of the following research subjects during the period of their candidature:
- DBA717 Thesis (Full-time) (128 Points)
- DBA718 Thesis (Part-time) (128 Points)

Duration and Enrolment Pattern

Full-time:  3 years (6 sessions)
- Session 1: DBA711, DBA712
- Session 2: DBA713, DBA714
- Session 3 to 6: DBA717
Part-time: 6 years (12 sessions)
- Session 1: DBA711
- Session 2: DBA712
- Session 3: DBA713
- Session 4: DBA714
- Session 5 to 12: DBA718

As a HDR candidate, CSU recognise you'll need specialised support to help you achieve your research goals.
- Research Office: the central point of contact for researchers and supervisors
- Research Support Services: support candidates across their research endeavours and careers
- Academic and personal support

Career Opportunities
Completion of a DBA demonstrates that you have advanced research skills and the capacity to reflect on and solve contemporary business challenges.

As a DBA graduate, you could work in management or research in private or public sector organisations in roles such as:
- business analyst
- research analyst
- manager of research operations
- research consultant

With advanced discipline and professional knowledge, you would have a strong case for promotion to senior managerial roles.

Language Medium

Delivery Mode

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

-           A MBA degree or Masters Degree in Business, or hold an equivalent qualification from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, or hold and international qualification deemed to be equivalent (as determined by NOOSR).

To gain entry to the program students will normally have achieved a credit average (or equivalent) in their MBA (or equivalent) studies as a demonstration of their capacity to undertake postgraduate work at an advanced level.

In addition to acceptable academic qualifications, an applicant for admission shall:
- have a minimum of five years of relevant business experience, and
- be working in business or have access to business such that the practical requirements of the program and the research can be undertaken.

Credit Transfer / Exemption

Credit for prior learning and credit for current competencies will be granted to eligible applicants.
Credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be offered for equivalent doctoral level studies.
Application Status
Session 1 2018 (Feb - Jun)
Session 2 2018 (Jul - Oct)
For detailed information on the course and application procedures, please contact us
by phone at
3482 8241 / 3482 8251; or
by email at; or
click here to submit your enquiries online.

Programme information is correct at time of publish.  The University reserves the right to make variations to the programme schedules, contents, information and fees without notice.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to
recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.  

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